Corbusier In Motion: Revisit The Modern Man’s Philosophy In These Slick Animations


Le Corbusier: whether you agree with his principles or fume at them, his influence on contemporary architecture cannot be overemphasized.

fc3arch‘s insight:

The video above touches on Corbusier’s "Five Points of Architecture," which reads as such:


One: Lift The Building Over Pilotis. The ground floor of the house, like the street, belongs to the automobile. Therefore housing is raised on pilotis to allow the vehicle’s movement or the green continuity.


Two: Free Designing Of The Ground Plan. A building floor plan should be free from structural condition, so partitions can be organized in any way.


Three: The Free Facade. The structure separates from the facade, relieving it of its structural function.


Four: The Horizontal Window. The facade can be cut along its entire length to allow room to be lit equally.


Five: The Roof Garden. A building should give back the space it takes up on the ground by replacing it with a garden in the sky.


The following video by Andrea Sting of OMBÚ Architecture really delves into the "Five Points," illustrating each idea with renderings of the Villa Savoye, the best example of Corbusier’s philosophy.

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