Modern Means


“Recently I had a conversation over dinner with a potential client. Whoa, dinner, aren’t we a baller… hey, he offered to pay, otherwise it would’ve been coffee! He’s considering building a new….”

fc3arch‘s insight:

What is modern architecture, and what does modern mean? It varies from architect to architect, but for me and what I strive for in my work, modern architecture embodies:

Simple massing/ form/ details with a clear expression of varying massing/ form/ details.

Minimal use of the unnecessary and reduction, or elimination, of frivolous wishes.

Open floor plans with minimal enclosure to encourage user interaction.

Versatile spaces serving varied purposes throughout the day/ owners need/ life span of the structure.

Connected to natural resources visually, tangibly, and through sustainable building/ life-cycle operations.

PS For the record, modern architecture can have a gable roof.

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